Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day

When you ask people what their favorite holiday is, they usually say Christmas or Thanksgiving since those #seem to be the “big” ones.  But my favorite holidays are actually Halloween – cause I like all the gross, scary stuff and then also Valentine’s Day cause I also like mushy gushy stuff.  V-Day  is approaching fast and I’ve been thinking about what to do this year. 

Photo Blcoks

Chocolates and flowers are always a good idea, but if you’re looking for something this year that’s different  and unique, check out these awesome blocks. I love the black/white/red color scheme which is classic, but if you’re looking for something softer like a study in pinks for example (one of my fav colors!), Johanna (our resident block maker) loves to work with you to create custom blocks personalized just for you! Send us your favorite pics and we’ll incorporate those in the design as well!

If this isn’t your style, check back soon – we’ll be posting more Valentine’s Day decor.  Happy Feb 14th everybody!

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